Haluk Altınışık M.D.

The company was established in 1990 by Haluk Altinisik MD. and since then the company has been carrying out Hollister Inc.USA’s Turkey Distribution.

Our firm is based in Ankara and we have Colostomy Patients Education Centres in Ankara, İstanbul Europe, İstanbul Asia, İzmir, Adana, İzmit, Bursa and Eskişehir.

In addition we support ostomy patients with our approximately 40 branches throughout Turkey.

We are able to send our products to ostomy patients regardless their locations, as long as they call us.

Our nurses at Colostomy Patients Education Centres help patient with product choice, stoma care, equipment supply, ostomy diet and social security associations’ legistlations.

Hollister incontinence products and wound care products are also available at our stocks.

Our website was set up in order to inform ostomy patients via the Internet and it has a wide range of information. Visitors for our website is about 15 people per day.

You can reach us:

Phone: +90312 435 7446